Zika NS1 Antigen Rapid Test Kit

Specimen: Serum / Plasma / Whole Blood

Specification:1 test/kit

The Zika NS1 Antigen Rapid Test Kit is a diagnostic tool used for the rapid detection of Zika virus NS1 antigen in human serum, plasma, and whole blood samples. The kit is designed for use in clinical settings and provides fast and accurate results within 10-15 minutes.

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-High specificity: the test has a high specificity, reducing the likelihood of false positive results

-Non-invasive: the test requires only a small sample of blood, making it less invasive than other diagnostic methods

-Suitable for point-of-care testing: the test can be used for point-of-care testing, allowing for easy diagnosis and treatment in remote areas

-Helps prevent the spread of Zika virus: the test can help healthcare professionals quickly identify and treat patients with Zika virus, helping to prevent its spread

Box Contents

– Test Cassette

– Swab

– Extraction Buffer

– User Manual

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