Salmonella Typhoid Antigen Rapid Test Kit

Test: Antigen Rapid Test for Salmonella Typhoid

Disease: Typhoid fever

Specimen: Fecal Specimen

Test Form: Cassette

Specification:40 tests/kit;25 tests/kit;5 tests/kit

ContentsIndividually packed cassette devicesSamples extraction buffer & tubeInstructions for use (IFU)

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Salmonella Typhoid

●Typhoid fever, also called enteric fever, is caused by salmonella bacteria. Typhoid fever is rare in places where few people carry the bacteria. It also is rare where water is treated to kill germs and where human waste disposal is managed. One example of where typhoid fever is rare is the United States. Places with the highest number of cases or with regular outbreaks are in Africa and South Asia. It is a serious health threat, especially for children, in places where it is more common.
●Food and water with the bacteria in it cause typhoid fever. Close contact with a person who is carrying the salmonella bacteria also can cause typhoid fever. Symptoms include:
1)High fever.
3)Stomach pain.
4)Constipation or diarrhea.
●Most people who have typhoid fever feel better about a week after they start treatment to kill bacteria, called antibiotics. But without treatment, there is a small chance of death from typhoid fever complications. Vaccines against typhoid fever can provide some protection. But they can’t protect against all cases of illness caused by other strains of salmonella. Vaccines can help lower risk of getting typhoid fever.

Salmonella Typhoid rapid test

The Salmonella Typhoid Antigen Rapid Test Kit is a diagnostic tool designed to detect the presence of specific antigens related to Salmonella Typhi, the bacterium responsible for causing typhoid fever.


●Rapid results: The test kit provides quick results within a short span of time, allowing for timely diagnosis and prompt initiation of appropriate treatment.
●High sensitivity and specificity: The kit is designed to have high sensitivity and specificity, ensuring accurate detection of Salmonella Typhi antigens and reducing the chance of false-positive or false-negative results.
●User-friendly: The kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions, making it user-friendly for healthcare professionals or individuals performing the test.
●Non-invasive specimen collection: The test kit typically uses non-invasive sample collection methods, such as stool or urine, reducing patient discomfort and avoiding the need for invasive procedures.
●Portable and convenient: The kit is designed to be portable, enabling testing at the point of care and in resource-limited settings

Salmonella Typhoid Test Kit FAQs

Who can use the Salmonella Typhoid Antigen Rapid Test Kit?

The Salmonella Typhoid Antigen Rapid Test Kit is suitable for use by healthcare professionals in clinical settings, as well as in field and resource-limited settings where access to laboratory facilities is limited.

Can I use the Salmonella Typhoid test kit at home?

For conducting the Salmonella Typhoid test, it is necessary to collect a blood sample from the patient. This procedure should be carried out by a competent healthcare practitioner in a secure and clean environment, utilizing a sterile needle. It is highly recommended to perform the test in a hospital setting where the test strip can be appropriately disposed of in compliance with local sanitary regulations.

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