Professional R&D

-Different project, different platform( rapid test, ELISA test, IFA test, CLIA, CMIA)
-All Product developed by ourselves.
-Rich and Complete products
-All kinds of machines for raw materials producing
-Mature SOP for every product
-Got the ISO13485 and ISO 9001 certification

Strong R&D Team


Boatbio has a high-level R&D team, masters and doctors accounting for more than 60%, including 3 senior R&D doctors, 5 senior foreign R&D consultants, and more than 70% of industry R&D personnel with more than 8 years.

Diversified R&D Technology

According to product requirements, we flexibly use different technical means, including immunology, fluorescence technology, PCR technology, mass spectrometry technology, biochip technology, etc.

Advanced Hardware Equipment

With the world's advanced laboratory equipment and testing instruments, it has the characteristics of high precision, high sensitivity and high accuracy.


Excellent R&D Process

BoatBio has a complete set of research and development process and quality control system. From the initial stage of research and development to product launch, all links have been carefully designed and strictly controlled to ensure high quality and high reliability of products.

Large-scale R&D Investment

BoatBio continuously increase investment in research and development, with 2 million US dollars per year for research and development and technical improvement to meet the various needs of the market and promote the continuous improvement of our technical level.

Sensitivity To Customer Needs

BoatBio Pays great attention to the needs of the market and customers, has insight into market changes, and constantly develops easier-to-use, more stable and more practical detection reagent products according to customer needs, and the new products are launched quickly.


Academic Resources and Product Experience

Cooperate closely with many well-known universities and research institutions at home and abroad to obtain cutting-edge scientific and technological information and high-quality academic resources. We have developed a large number of detection reagent products, have rich product experience and the ability to continuously improve.

Excellent Customization Ability

BoatBio provides customized services and can customize products according to the special needs of customers. According to the indicators you need to test, sample type, test method and other information, as well as the required test performance indicators such as sensitivity and specificity, we will communicate with you on model selection, sample collection, test plan formulation, result analysis, etc., and promise to provide the necessary Warranty and technical support.

Rapid Market Response Capability

With the ability to quickly respond to market changes, BoatBio has a dedicated marketing department to conduct market research on the market trends of finished products, market share changes, etc., respond to the market as soon as possible, and constantly introduce new products.


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