High Quality Products

70+ Rapid Test Kits
-Tropical & Vector-Borne Diseases Series
-Respiratory Tract Series
-Gastrointestinal Pathogens Series
-Sexually Transmitted Diseases Series
-Cancer Marker Series
-Zoonotic Series
30+ veterinary Test Kits
-Small Ruminants



Boat-bio provides personalized customization services, formulate optimal production plans and services for OEM&ODM customers, and keep exclusive products of customers absolutely confidential.

Professional License Testing and Certification

Through a number of certifications, such as CE certification, ISO production certification, etc., BoatBio can provide customers with professional testing results.

High Sensitivity & Precision

With the characteristics of high sensitivity and high precision, it can detect the results accurately and quickly, and the display is clea

Key Technical Details Are Kept Confidential

BoatBio ensures the confidentiality of the details of patented technology and core technology to prevent technology leakage and competitors' imitation.

Innovation and R&D Capabilities

With an innovative R&D team and laboratory, it can quickly launch new products that meet market needs and customer requirements.


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