Corporate Strength

-An assembly line system that produces millions of people a day
-Delicacy management
-5000m2+ 100,000 level purification inner package workshop
-10,000m2purification outsourcing workshop
-In line with the European ISO13485 quality system certification


Vibrant Team

A team formed by experienced practitioners in the field of biology and molecular science for many years provides comprehensive and efficient technical support and services.

Hundreds of research and technical elites including professors, doctors and masters participated in the construction and R&D.

100% of the team has a bachelor degree or above, masters and doctors account for more than 60%, including 3 senior R&D doctors, 5 senior foreign R&D consultants, and more than 70% of R&D personnel in the industry for more than 8 years.


Advanced Equipment

Modern precision instruments
AKTA Protein Purifier
High performance liquid chromatography
Gas Chromatograph
Professional laboratory
Seed bank of various cells
Prokaryotic cell culture room
Prokaryotic cell/yeast cell large fermentation chamber
Protein purification room
Eukaryotic cell culture room
Physical and chemical laboratory
Chemiluminescence Laboratory
Colloidal Gold/Latex Chromatography Laboratory
Accelerated Stability Challenge Lab
ELISA laboratory


Efficient Service

BoatBio set up a dedicated customer service department to improve the efficiency of solving customer problems.

Project responsibility management to achieve internal coordination and efficient and rapid response in the face of customers.


Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness


1.In 2022, with the implementation of the "New Ten Measures" for epidemic prevention, the supply of SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test were in short supply. Our company donated 200,000 copies of the SARS-CoV-2 rapid antigen test to the Jiangbei District People's Government. Through the Jiangbei District Red Cross Society, it was handed over to the Jiangbei District Epidemic Prevention and Control Office Emergency Material Support Team as soon as possible, mainly distributed to key enterprises, key groups and Welfare agency.

2.Continuously optimize the production process, reduce energy consumption and environmental emissions, and implement the concept of sustainable development with practical actions.The R&D and production project of “10 million copies of colloidal gold test strips and 1000 grams of recombinant antigens/antibodies per year" has achieved the standard discharge of waste water, exhaust gas and noise, and effectively optimized pollution prevention.


Market Strategy

Boatbio Strengthens R&D and promotion to meet the medical needs of more international markets and impress BOAT-BIO.
Establishing competitive advantages in key areas, we integrate broader industry chains, and develop innovative products with high added value.
Respecting the rules and cultures of each region to make our products reach more parts of the world,and say hi to the new at an attractive price

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