Transferrin Antigen Rapid Test Kit

Test: Antigen Rapid Test for Transferrin

Disease: Cancer

Specimen: Fecal Specimen

Test Form: Cassette

Specification:40 tests/kit;25 tests/kit;5 tests/kit

ContentsCassettesSample Diluent Solution with dropperTransfer tubePackage insert

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●Transferrin is a blood plasma glycoprotein that plays a central role in iron metabolism and is responsible for ferric-ion delivery.  Transferrin functions as the most critical ferric pool in the body.  It transports iron through the blood to various tissues, such as the liver, spleen, and bone marrow. It is an essential biochemical marker of body iron status.
●Transferrin divides into subgroups; these are serum transferrin, lactotransferrin, and melanotransferrin. Hepatocytes produce serum transferrin found in the serum, CSF, and semen. Mucosal epithelial cells produce lactotransferrin seen in bodily secretions such as milk. Lactotransferrin has antioxidants and antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. All plasma iron is bound to transferrin. The transferrin-bound iron complex turnover rate is about ten times a day, which is essential to meet the daily demands of erythropoiesis. Therefore, transferrin acts as a balance between reticuloendothelial iron release and bone marrow uptake.  Once iron is bound to transferrin, it is transported by transferrin to the bone marrow for the production of hemoglobin and portions of erythrocytes. The human body loses iron through perspiration, epithelial cell desquamation, and menstruation. Iron loss is obligatory, and there are no specific means to regulate it. Therefore, iron homeostasis is hugely dependent on the tight regulation of absorption, which occurs mostly in the proximal intestine. The iron-bound transferrin is vital to distribute iron to the different cells of the body.

Transferrin Antigen Rapid Test Kit

●Transferrin (Tf) Rapid Test Kit is a qualitative colloidal gold-based lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for the detection of Transferrin (Tf) in Human samples.


●Rapid and timely results: The Transferrin Antigen Rapid Test Kit provides quick results within minutes, enabling prompt detection and diagnosis of transferrin antigen-related conditions or disorders.
●High sensitivity and specificity: The test kit is designed to have high sensitivity and specificity, ensuring accurate and reliable detection of transferrin antigens even at low concentrations.
●User-friendly and easy to use: The kit comes with clear instructions that are easy to understand and follow, making it suitable for healthcare professionals or individuals to perform the test with minimal training.
●Non-invasive sample collection: The kit utilizes non-invasive sample collection methods, such as saliva or urine, reducing patient discomfort and making the testing process more convenient.
●Cost-effective solution: The Transferrin Antigen Rapid Test Kit offers a cost-effective diagnostic solution, allowing for efficient screening and monitoring of transferrin-related conditions.

Transferrin Test Kit FAQs

What is transferrin?

Transferrin is a glycoprotein responsible for transporting iron in the body. It plays a crucial role in iron metabolism and regulation.

What is the purpose of the Transferrin Antigen Rapid Test Kit?

The test kit is used to detect the presence of transferrin antigens in body fluids, aiding in the diagnosis of conditions related to abnormal transferrin levels.

How long does the test take to produce results?

The Transferrin Antigen Rapid Test Kit typically provides results within a few minutes, enabling quick decision-making for further medical interventions or treatments.

Can this test differentiate between different transferrin isoforms?

The Transferrin Antigen Rapid Test Kit is primarily designed to detect the presence of transferrin antigens. It does not differentiate between different transferrin isoforms or genetic variants.

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