Rotavirus+Adenovirus + Norovirus Antigen Rapid Test Kit

Specimen: Fecal Specimen

Specification:5 tests/kit

Rotavirus + Adenovirus + Norovirus Antigen Rapid Test Kit offers a convenient, sensitive and specific diagnostic tool for prompt and accurate detection of the target virus antigens, which can lead to improved patient outcomes and reduced costs.

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-The assay is easy to use, requiring minimal training or technical expertise

-High sensitivity ensures accurate detection of all three virus antigens even at low concentrations

-High specificity ensures detection of only the target antigens without cross-reactivity with other viruses or microbes

-Test kit is affordable and can save costs incurred through unnecessary hospitalization, isolation, and other diagnostic tests

Box Contents

– Test Cassette

– Swab

– Extraction Buffer

– User Manual

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