Influenza A/B + RSV Antigen Rapid Test Kit

Product Name: Influenza A/B + RSV Antigen Rapid Test Kit

Specimen: Nasal Swab Test

Specification:5 tests/kit

The Influenza A/B+RSV Antigen Rapid Test Kit is based on the principle of a qualitative immunochromatographic assay for the determination of Influenza A/B and RSV antigens in the Nasal Sawb specimen.

Product Detail

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●CE Marked
●2in1 test for both Influenza A/B and RSV
●Helps to differentiate respiratory diseases
●Quick test with accurate results
●Fast delivery by air
●For all levels of medical units use

Box Contents

●5 cassettes with dependent sealed foil pouch
●5 sample diluent solution with dropper
●5 cotton swabs
●1 user manual

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